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Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi D.O.C.
Classico Superiore

The grapes that are selected for the production of this wine come from one of our vines that are situated on the hills of Maiolati Spontini.
These selected grapes are harvested in various stages, when over-mature. Refinement comes about over a period of 8 months in heat-conditioned vats and the completion of the bouquet comes about in the bottle. Contact with its own natural yeasts during fermentation and in the ageing process gives at this wine particular properties of richness and personality.
This is a product that boasts an extraordinary longevity, it is an elegant wine, which is rich in structure, soft and delicately aromatic.
It is recommended as an accompaniment for any kind of refined meal, oven-cooked fish and white meats.


  • Commended Medal at the International Wine Challenge 2017 of London.
  • Diploma and Silver medal "Premio Marche" at the 5th and the 8th National Enological Competition of "Selezione Nazionale Vini da Pesce" in Ancona.
  • Award at the 33rd, 35th and 42nd Concorso Nazionale "DOUJA D'OR" di Asti.
  • Special "Oscar di Pramaggiore" prize at the 45th National Enological Competition of Pramaggiore (VE).
  • 1st prize at Selezione A.I.S. MARCHE 2007.
  • Commended prize at the “International Wine Challenge” of London in 2004, 2010, 2013, Bronze Medal at the “International Wine Challenge” 2009 and Silver Medal in 2014.
  • Award "Merum Wine Selection 2011".
  • Diploma at the 1st and 2nd International Enological Competition of wines for fish in Ancona.


Verdicchio Talliano